Hola !

Hi dolls,

I am so sorry I have been away from this blog but I was so busy working. I didn’t tell you guys anything but I became an editorialist for a magazine since January 2014 and till now it has been an amazing journey. I met very inspiring people who are teaching me a lot, but the most important I do what I love the most : writing. I write about economics, politics, fashion, society, I get to express myself, give my opinion and I don’t remember being that happy.
My friends who are never impressed by what I do because they got used to the fact that I write books and that I have a career in the fashion industry, they all started to become so loudly proud every single time they open the magazine and that means a lot to me because they are the only family I have.
Here are some of my articles, I hope you guys enjoy it and you can translate it as well in English.
Love from W.F.I