Yvonne Nelson

Hi readers,

A quick post to introduce you my new fashion icon Yvonne Nelson, she is an actress from Ghana. I love her style, she knows how to play with accessories, colours, and heels.  She wears jumpsuits like no one. I feel like I am watching a fashion show when I watch her movies…  In the first picture Yvonne and Jonh Dumelo.

Have a wonderful week-end!

29 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson

  1. Oh my god, WFI, I can’t believe you are talking about my country. Yvonne Nelson is star in Ghana, she sure has a good sense of style. I am so happy you are talking about Ghana. LOL. I love you.

  2. Yvonne est superbe en rouge et noir. J’ai vu un de ses films hier mais il n’y avait pas de sous-titrage donc j’ai plus focus sur ses looks et elle suit les tendances! MDR

  3. I jux love the way you do your things and to cut it short I like,admire and cherish so please I want you to train me to become as good as you.You occupy everything of mine,whether on my mind,my laptop and my thoughts.

  4. man i love the way. Yvonne. it look like she is in love with high heel. i love high heels i have in my clothe all over the place. when i watch her movies i’m always happy cause i’m waiting for the dressing part. she can act and dress man. she rocks

  5. yvone nelson is an undoubtely a pretty queen. i always get carried away when ever i watch her movies.she has a good sense of fashion and possess a lovely smile which always make yearn to see more of her . no wonder it had been that she is having a romance with jim iyke.

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