The very short hair…

Hi dolls,

What’s up? I really like my new hairstyle, when I just did it,  I was like, oh gosh what is this? But I learn to get use to it. I noticed that I am not the only one rocking the very short hair and it is actually a trend right now. Take a look…

Emma Watson, she looks amazing with this hairstyle…

Alek Wek who always has a very short hair…

Beautiful Shala Monroque..

Carey Mulligan from the movies  Education (that I enjoyed so much) and Wall Street… ( Anika from Russia sent me this picture after reading this article. I am so excited having readers all over the world. Thank you so much Anika…)

 Have a wonderful week… Xoxo!

21 thoughts on “The very short hair…

  1. I like it. J’ai toujours cru que si on a les cheveux courts on fait jeune et moins femme mais non, je constate que vous êtes toutes féminines et glamours. Bien maquillée WFI.

  2. J’adore les femmes que tu as choisi pour ton article, toutes aussi singuliéres les une que les autres et elles se démarquent côté style aussi. Vous êtes toutes merveilleuses avec le very short hair.

  3. First thing I am gonna say is how much I love your blog, you are very beautiful, smart, sharing and calm I can tell. I am impressed by everything you do, I have your book with me right now and I wonder how I am gonna understand everything but it doesn’t matter I will try, I used to be a good french student. You look so great with your hair believe me WFI.

    Bisous bisous

  4. Waouh WFI, tu es trop bien maquillée, tu as fait ça toute seule? Sinon les cheveux courts, il faut oser, en tous les cas, ça va à toutes les fashion divas de ce post, spécialement à toi. Bisous

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