10 things about fashion from my face of the month : Jatou Gaye…

                                             The face of the month…

1) I love fashion because I don’t think there’s a more expressive art form. You can tell a lot about a person from their clothing.

2) I love going into stores, playing dress up and seeing what works for my body.

3) Orange is my favorite color. People give me a weird look when I tell them.
They fail to realize I don’t like every kind of orange out there. There’s
special darker shade of Orange filled with richness and warmth that I adore and it works magic for my skin tone. Over the years, I’ve realized my mood is much more fun when I’m dressed in that color so I have a stack of orange scarves floating around in my room hehe.

WFI wearing orange…

4) I hate over accessorizing and that is a big problem in the culture where I
come from. Everybody is drenched in chunky 21 carat gold and frankly I’m not a fan. Works for some. Doesn’t work for me. I blame my mother. She loved her 18 carat jewelry and I’m the same way too.

5) I’ll describe my fashion sense as bohochic. I love ethnic bracelets,
distressed leather, Native American rings, Berber jewelry & cuffs, Tunics,
Khussas, African prints and the list goes on.

6) I’m not label crazy. I buy things that make me happy and work for my body.

7) My favorite handbags at the moment ( I want one so badly lol) are the
Mulberry Alexa, Proenza Schouler PS1, Reed Krakoff Boxer, Tory Burch Green Dena Messenger, Everyday by Rebecca Minkoff, Miu Miu Paloma and the Garbo Camille by Marc Jacobs.

Dita Von Teese having a Marc Jacobs Garbo Camille Bag…
Alexa Chung having the Mulberry Alexa bag that she designed…

Leighton Meester having the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag in 3 colors…
Kate Bosworth having a Miu Miu Paloma bag…

8) I LOVE Christian Siriano. Oooh he’s so FIERCE!!! lol He is my favorite young designer. He’s so little, I feel like hugging him all the time.

Christian Siriano…

9) Last summer, my sister, brother and I were at the store shopping. I saw a peacock feathered hair accessory that I loved and I wanted to buy it. They kept telling me it was ugly and that I should put it down. Even the girl who worked at the store was like “Ummm I don’t think you should buy it”. Who says that? She needs to be fired LOL. Anyhow, I’m stubborn so I bought it. I was at the airport in New York waiting on my flight to Iowa and a group of girls walked up to me and asked where I got my hair accessory from. They kept talking about how much they loved it. I wish my sister and brother could see just how blown away some people were by my feathered accessory they labelled ugly LOL.

WFI, wearing a peacock feather hair accessory last summer…

10) If you’ve read my blog recently, you would know I hate clothing and shoes that remind me of hookers haha. I’m just allergic to all things tacky. So I came across these two quotes from Coco Chanel and she said exactly what has been on my mind all these years : “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”

“I love luxury. And luxury lies not in the richness and the ornateness but in
the absence of vulgarity. Vulgarity is the ugliest word in our language. I stay
in the game to fight it”

On that note, please say no to vulgarity. Thanks everyone!! x

43 thoughts on “10 things about fashion from my face of the month : Jatou Gaye…

  1. hahaha j’adore! Non mais dans les magazins il y ‘a tout le temps une vendeuse qui te regarde genre “mais elle est folle?” quand tu achétes tes trucs, chacun son style. Je vis souvent l’expérience en tant que Margiela girl mais un jour je vais faire virer quelqu’un, je le promets.

  2. Je deteste la vulgarité aussi, je trouve qu’on peut être fashion et même extravagant sans pour autant être vulgaire. Une femme doit être glamour comme WFI, moi c’est pour ça que je l’aime.
    Over accessorizing ne s’arrête pas seulement à la culture africaine ma chérie, tu n’as jamais vu Catherine Baba? lol!
    Génération Marc Jacobs, j’aime beaucoup le garbo camille.

    Mille bisous Jatou.

  3. D’abord c’est NOTRE face of the month et pas que le tien wfi ensuite j’adore ses sacs préférés, le fait qu’elle cite coco chanel, son originalité dans ses choix. Je l’aime notre face of the month.

  4. I feel like in every closet of a fashionista in the world there is something Marc Jacobs. Oh my! I love peacock feathered hair accessories myself and don’t mind the weird look about the orange some says it’s the new black.

    • You are right Giovanna, we can’t live without Marc J. When I went to Dakar this summer, I realised that my suite case was full of Marc J’s tee-shirts, tops, bags, clutchs and my mother asked me if he was a friend of mine because she couldn’t understand why I was so obsessed with him. When I was a student, I used to save all my money to be able to buy Marc Jacobs shoes.

    • Giovanna, I’m gonna steal that statement of yours. Orange is the new black! Yeah baby! Oh my god I’m obsessed with my peacock accessory and WFI’s was HOT!! Thanks babe

  5. Hummmmm le Garbo Camille est mon sac du moment, il me suit partout, vive marc jacobs, ce siécle aurait été différent sans toi, jatou moi aussi je mets pas mal de couleur orange.

  6. Jatou tu me donnes des idées j’ai envie d’organiser un shooting photo avec tout ce que tu adores, des vêtements orange touch, le style bohochic, le garbo camille, Rebacca Minkoff everyday (même si le morning n’a pas d’égal). Toutes les filles qui portent des accessoires à plumes ou à fleurs sur la tête sont glamours, c’est la remarque du jour.

    • Guy, you sound very awesome!! I would love to see that photoshoot. Rebecca Minkoff’s Everyday has no match. You’re very right. Merci beaucoup and enjoy your weekend! Hugs & kisses
      J x

  7. Haha WFI, they’re making me laugh. Tell them I’d rather have your face than any celeb plus you’re much hotter! lol. I need to visit France and steal those ethnic necklaces hehe. Thank you all so much. You’re all too kind and word’s can’t express how much I’m touched. Enjoy the weekend! J x

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